Fall in love with your vehicle all over again…

with a swirl free finish from DC Super Shine!

1DC Super Shine uses only the best products on the market, some costing hundreds of dollars for a small pot!
2We wash and clean our customer vehicle from wheel arches to windshield and correct the paintwork from scratches or contamination!
3We then apply a deep, protective layer of high quality carnauba wax or polymer sealer that’ll give you a shine to die for!



Protecting your Investment

DC Super Shine safeguards your investment. Regular treatments will preserve the quality of your car’s paintwork, ensuring that depreciation is kep to a minimum when you come to sell it on. Costly resprays can be avoided saving thousands of dollars. Plus there’s nothing like a swirl free finish to make you fall in love with your car all over again.

Don’t just take Our word for it!

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